Who can practice yoga?

Anyone! Remember though there are many different forms & styles, so choose one that suit you & your needs.

How often should I practice?

This is up to you; why not attend a class once or twice a week & top it up with a home practice.

Do I have to be flexible or fit to practice yoga?

No, not at all, you will find with a regular practice these things will come.
We all have to start somewhere, just be patient!

I have a problem.

Please mention any medical problems, yoga is not about grin & bare it. Let me know if you have any medical problems for example, back pain, high/low blood pressure, joint problems. It is important to let me know if you are pregnant. I can then look at a way of adjusting a posture that will be more suitable for you.

Can yoga help me lose weight?

Yes in some cases it can, by adding any form of physical activity to your normal everyday routine you may notice some changes. Also by just being made more aware of your posture can add height & slim down your figure.

I am a beginner; will I be ok in the class, what if its too hard for me?

Like a lot of things it can be a bit tricky to pick up at first, but we all have to start somewhere & where as being a beginner may make you a little anxious, be a little excited too, so embrace the moment with an open mind & body & you will soon be flying!

What do I bring to a class?

You will need to bring a yoga mat, 2 blocks & belt
Please dont worry about blocks & belts on the first week, you may use mine.
Please eat 2 hours prior to coming to class if you can.
Try out the link www.ruthwhiteproducts.com for all the yoga equipment youll need.