What is Yoga

LYPS What isYou can control how deeply your yoga touches you, from a 10min yoga session in a morning, a one hour class a week, too a daily practice incorporating its theories & philosophies into everything you do. Often you may hear Yoga explained as an Eightfold Path or The Eight Limbs of Yoga.

One limb of Yoga & probably the most well know is a systematic way of working the body, by performing a series of postures or Asanas as they are known in a way to attain optimum health & to maintain it. Asanatranslated literally means to stay & creates steadiness & the ability to remain comfortable. Working in the Asanas, you may also be introduced to another limb of Yoga Pranayama which is breathing techniques which will enhance the quality of your practice.

Pranayama teaches us to maneuver & direct Prana for optimal physical & mental benefit.
Prana is a Sanskrit work which refers to the life force or energy that exists everywhere & is manifested in each of us through the breath.
Ayama means to stretch & extend.