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Yoga in the workplace is ideal for team building & creating a better working environment

Some of you may sit at a desk for hours each day, resulting in suffering from back pain, achy shoulders & necks or headaches.

Some of you might be on your feet all day contributing to sore legs, back pain & rounding off of the shoulders.

All this adds to the effects of stress in the work place!

So to become healthier, stronger, calmer & more focused with clearer minds, consider corporate Yoga classes. Yoga is simply a sensible & enjoyable approach towards better physical & mental health and general well being.

How can YOU bring Yoga to your work place?

Regular Yoga Classes or a short course at your work place 

Regular yoga classes or a 6 -10 week yoga course can help to reduce stress levels; it can help staff feel more energized & fully motivated. A regular yoga practice will help staff recognize there weaknesses & help them find the confidence so they can work on them & develop there strengths. It will encourage colleagues to communicate better developing better working relationships in the office, creating a better working environment, therefore encouraging staff to be more productive. The sessions are designed to be fun, interesting & always helpful, refreshing the mind & body for the rest of the day.

Day / half day Workshops

A Yoga workshop is ideal for team building, stress management and company conferences.
They are designed to be practical yet fun with a view to helping you get some balance back into your working day. Learn postures and breathing exercises that you can use daily whether youre at your desk or on the move. Carry the benefits of the yoga workshop for days, weeks and months after.

Whatever the companies needs the sessions can be designed to suit. Workshops can be planned to aid relaxation, reduce stress, build confidence or guide & lead staff through meditation. (Sometimes the greatest of ideas can rise from silence)

Ideas for yoga session times

Regular / short course; early morning, lunch time, after work
Workshops; agreed day / evening / weekends
Conference; agreed day / evening / weekends

Requirements; A group of 6 (minimum) work colleagues will no real need of prior yoga experience, in non restricting clothing & a room large enough to accommodate the participants.

Note: All yoga mats & props will be provided or you may wish to purchase your own.
You can do this through links
Contact Louise for details of cost.