Childrens Classes

Children today are under a lot of pressure, so a great way to relax is to turn to Yoga.

Yoga has many benefits for children; Active postures will help build strength & flexibility. While children can build there concentration skills with certain postures like balances. Breathing techniques & exercises will help children to feel calm, relaxed & connect more deeply with the inner self, & develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them, some may feel the benefits of a better night sleep too.

Yoga is a positive way to introduce children to exercise in a fun way. It is very important for all children to take part in some form of physical exercise. That exercise needs to promote the healthy development of their growing bodies in preparation for adulthood. The techniques used in yoga are an excellent way to improve a childs strength and flexibility for the mind as well as bodies. The younger they start the better, & it is something they can continue to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Younger children

For younger children the main focus is always fun. For example, the children could pretend to be animals. In the Cat pose, they become the cat & make meowing noises. In the dog pose they become a Downward Facing Dog with their bottoms in the air, making woofing noises. All children are encouraged to fully participate & enjoy their yoga. The children don’t realize how much they are benefiting from the practice; the only thing they know is that they are having fun.

Older children

A regular yoga practice offers a host of benefits, for teenagers, with alleviating menstrual cramps to clearing energy blocks that may cause headaches, sinus problems, irritability or digestive problems. Also, the rapid growth experienced during adolescence can lead to tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Yoga will help ease the discomfort of “growing pains.”

A teenager’s life is in a constant state of change. Physically, they are undergoing a huge transformation as their bodies mature. Additionally, the social, academic & family pressures that they experience can be big causes of stress. Yoga promotes a sense of calm and emotional well-being, resulting in a sense of peace & a positive outlook.

In yoga philosophy, the body is to be cared for & respected. Teenagers often feel uneasy with the rapid changes that their bodies are undergoing. Yoga helps to build self confidence that is so needed as the body is rapidly changing as well as a sense of body acceptance. Boys, especially, tend to appreciate the way that yoga helps to build muscle, while girls enjoy the sense of grace and poise that yoga gives. For both, the sense of physical well-being combined with the appreciation of a strong, healthy body make yoga an ideal choice for quality exercise.

Expect the classes to be fun, lively, dynamic, focused, controlled, challenging, calming & relaxing!

When & where

More schools are now starting to put on Yoga Classes or short courses as an after school activity. Why not approach your childs school & put the idea forward, or if you send me your details & your schools details, I could approach them for you.

Contact Louise on details & costs