What to expect in a class with Louise
Expect the classes to be fun & friendly; humour is such a must in all classes, it helps those barriers & guards to drop, allowing the true self to work to the best of its ability.

Music is often played, with a wide range of flavours. This is all to assist the body in releasing & letting go. Props like blocks & belts are regularly used to assist in posture work. may think its all fun fun fun reading this, well, theirs a lot of hard work too! & the benefits of all that hard work will pay off; youll see thats why we practice again & again & again.

Some of Louises work has involved working in;
Yoga for Health Workshop
Learning at Work Week – Inland Revenue
HER Breast Friends, Pamper Days
Hull City Council Adult Education sector
Hull Mela
Yoga for Colitis & Crohn’s workshop in Knockholt, Kent
School – Super Learning Day (13year olds)
School – Super Learning Week (11-12 year olds)
School – Super Learning Week (primary)
School 6 Week Course, After School Activity
Yoga benefits – Look North TV
Yoga benefits – bbc, Radio Humberside (listen too)
Yoga benefits – bbc, Radio Humberside sleep well event
Yoga benefits – Cottingham Times (Magazine)
Working along side Ruth White on Residential yoga weekends
Co running Residential Yoga weekends with Maxine Geary
(good friend & qualified Karuna Teacher)