About Louise

Louise is a fully qualified Yoga Alliance Senior Instructor and has been teaching Yoga since 2004. She is a down to Earth Hull lass with a big personality which reflects warmth & fun in her teaching.

Louise has a good eye for what’s needed, and with her years of experience as a yoga instructor & holistic therapist her knowledge, awareness and with her understanding of the postures she works intuitively tending to the needs of what is right there in front of her and the needs of her audience.

Her approach can appear a little blunt at times as she says things as they are, but its always with best intention of offering guidance, love & compassion while encouraging students to work to their full potential.

“I like to use music as a teaching aid, I know it gets results, it creates a feeling of softness, togetherness, and laughter, lots of laughter, which is always good to feel & hear. I know I’m doing my job then” so expect to hear anything from any genre during some of her sessions.

Louise trained under the guidance of Ruth White Karuna Yoga 500hrs Diploma. Karuna Yoga has Iyengar inspired teaching, where attention is given to developing inner strength, stamina, endurance & correct body alignment as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

Karuna – definition – Compassion – compassionate action.